Lose something on TriMet? We can help! To file a report, we'll just need a description of the lost item and where you last saw it.
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Provide a thorough description of the item (for example, the brand and model) as well as any identification that might be on or with it. If you lost a phone, please give us the phone number and describe its wallpaper or background image. The more details, the better!
Where did you lose it? *

For example: Were you at a bus stop? On the MAX Red Line?
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If it turns up, what’s a good phone number to reach you at during the day? *

Thanks, {{answer_5885740}}! We have received your lost item report. If anything turns up matching that description, we’ll let you know. 

After 14 days, unclaimed items are donated to charity. You can also call the Lost & Found office at 503-962-7655, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. on weekdays.